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Tenant Liability Coverage - Only $11.50

Liability Coverage - $50,000

Each apartment/townhome community listed within this website requires a $50,000 tenant liability coverage. Each resident can enroll into this program or similar insurance coverage through another insurance carrier.

For details of the policy, please refer to the Summary of Coverage found in the FAQS tab of this website.  

To know if your apartment/townhome community requires this coverage, please use the SEARCH tab on this website.

Fire Prevention and Reponse

Fire prevention and your response to fires are both vital to saving lives.

Fire Hazards in the Home

Fire hazards in the home are preventable. Identifying these fire hazards and correcting them is the key to prevention. The top fire hazards are:

  • Christmas Trees: ensure your tree is sufficiently watered to avoid a fire if there is an electrical shortage
  • Candles: keep an open-flamed candle from plants, furniture, decorations or anything that can catch fire
  • Kitchen Appliances: never leave an appliance on while you are away from your home
  • Fireplaces: do not burn paper in your fireplace and make sure there is a fireplace screen to prevent sparks from escaping 
  • Space and Portable Heaters: always unplug these heaters and never leave them unattended


On a monthly basis, you should inspect your smoke detectors, inspect your fire extinguisher to ensure it is not expired, and review your plan of action in the case of a fire with all the occupants of your home.

During a Fire

  • If your clothes are on fire: stop, drop and roll until the fire is extinguished
  • Check closed doors before opening them by placing the back of your hand to the door. If the door is hot, do not enter the room and exit through the nearest window; if the door is cool, open it slowly to ensure your escape route is not blocked by fire.
  • Avoid smoke inhalation by staying low to the ground.

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